Microsoft Immersion

Enable Application Innovation

Today innovations across devices, data, and the cloud are driving a revolution in applications. Modernize your business applications in partnership with Microsoft and Hookpointe.

  • Flexible Platform
  • Deliver faster business outcomes
  • Enterprise proven

The barriers to creating new business models and customer experiences have dropped dramatically over the past years. The commoditization of computing and the proliferation of apps represent big business opportunities to significantly reduce the cost of innovation and to reach more people. Organizations need a better way to harness all of the benefits of the new technology landscape, while staying flexible and ready to adapt to changing customer and market conditions.

Microsoft and Hookpointe believes it should be easier for organizations to enable business innovation through applications—resulting in better business outcomes through flexible applications, personalized experiences, and productive teams using efficient processes. We also believe that organizations need to get the most out of their existing investments and that it should be easy to connect existing apps and services with new applications across devices and the cloud. The organization should be able to scale technology based upon business needs—not vice versa.


Unlike traditional product presentations and demos, Immersion puts you, the customer, in the driver’s seat for a rich, interactive experience. It is a unique, risk-free opportunity to explore the Microsoft Cloud Platform through an immersive story that highlights how one company uses the Microsoft Cloud Platform to manage their applications and infrastructure.

Let a Hookpointe representative know which Immersion pillars you would like delivered to you and a trained facilitator can arrive at your location to deliver Immersion. Your facilitator will lead you to discover the best solutions for your business and experience what a hybrid cloud solution can do for you. It is designed to be interactive, experiential and fun. Immersion involves a hands-on, live, pre-configured Microsoft cloud environment; so that you and your staff can validate the benefits that Microsoft Cloud Platform solutions can bring to your business today.

Allow us to take you and your solution architects through the three session modules that cover envisioning the Microsoft Cloud Platform, evolving your datacenter to maximize benefits, and finally experiencing and interacting with the solutions in real time.

Get immersed and learn how you too can enable application innovation with Microsoft and Hookpointe.

Immersion Session Information

Through Immersion a trained facilitator will lead you through an interactive discussion of understanding the key tenets of the transform the datacenter pillar. The discussion is broken down into different sessions to address the needs of all levels of your organization.

Envision and Evolve

1.5 Hour Session


Enterprise Architects
Solution Architects
IT Decision Makers

Introductions and Discovery

Through introductions and discussion of your business challenges, we will explore initiatives and issues that impact the way you conduct business and offer you an educational overview of how the Microsoft Cloud Platform solutions can support overcoming and alleviating these challenges.

Envision (L100)

  • Investigate and learn how the Microsoft Cloud Platform vision can positively benefit the way your entire organization functions

Evolve (L200)

  • Understand the key tenants of application innovation and identify opportunities to drive business value


4 Hour Session


Enterprise Architects
Solution Architects
Application Owners

Get Hands-On

We provide a hands-on environment with a live pre-configured datacenter where Application and Infrastructure managers can experience the Microsoft Cloud Platform solution first hand. This immersive, instructor-facilitated session allows attendees to delve into 4 experiences spanning deploying a cloud to managing applications across clouds to reporting across all datacenter assets with a common tool set.

Experience (L300)

Four hands-on Application Innovation Immersion experiences are covered in this interactive lab:

  • Architect Hybrid Applications
    • Lifting on-premises applications into IaaS – Move an existing LOB application from on-premises to the cloud
    • Application integration using the cloud – Integrate a LOB application running in the cloud with existing on-premises systems
  • Creating Modern Mobile and Web Applications:
    • Architecting modern web applications – Create a new modern web application with an adaptive user experience
    • Architecting cross-platform applications – Build a cross-plaform mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows
  • Delivering Scale and business Insights:
    • Architecting for cloud scale – Deliver the best applications experience for your users with cloud auto-scaling, caching and CDN
    • Architecting for business insights – Use big data to understand existing behavior and machine learning to predict future behavior

Wrap Up

30 Minute Session

Wrap-Up and Next Steps

We will aid in providing you a clear and actionable plan to help guide your organization through the evaluation and how to take advantage of the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud Platform.